Practice Page 0001
December 3, 2019 / E S

this is regular old paragraph wrapped text

h1 markup

h2 markup

h3 markup

h4 markup

h5 markup
h6 markup

this is how you bold something

this is a link to Yahoo. If you click it, you will leave this page. You need to add the attribute _blank which makes a link open in a new window. This link Yahoo will open in a new window

Lists, bulleted and numbered

  • item 1
  • item 2
  1. item 1
  2. item 2

this text is wrapped in a “div” style tag which is a generic sections. It doesn’t do anything until you assign some sort of styling to it, see below.

now this div has a border and I specifically made it a size and added background color.

HTML and Stylesheets

HTML and Stylsheets work hand in hand. Instead of using the “style” attribute in the div example below, Usually styling is handled in another file called the stylesheet. So, on an HTML page you wrap all your stuff in tags and then the stylesheet determines the actual styling. For example…

this text is red

in my stylesheet I created a style that says, “anything with the class “red” will be red color”.