Hello, my name is Brent and I am the owner of iLiveCreative.com. I have been in the entertainment, video production and photography fields for… well, a very long time. As a Creative Director I have also created some very large and fascinating projects (see my portfolio). If you have any questions or help on projects you have or would like some professional consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tokyo, Japan

Video Production, Photography, Content Marketing

I have recently returned to Tokyo Japan where I have been producing videos, photography and content marketing consulting for both Japanese and Western clients. Three main factors make me stand out from the crowd, 1.) I have many years of experience in the entertainment business as both a professional entertainer and as a producer so content I create is designed to be fun and interesting to potential customers. 2.) I speak Japanese and because of many years experience living in Japan I can bridge the cultural gap when it comes to communication, presentation and influence. 3.) I’m very flexible and can think out-of-the-box in a generally rigid business world (especially Japan).

2006 – 2018
Denver, USA

Content Marketing, Web Design & Development

In Colorado I worked freelance as a web developer and content creator for many years and then in a Web Design company as a developer for many years. In those many years of serious coding I created a Content Management System from scratch, a couple Real Estate management sites, a few custom made apps and over 100 regular and e-commerce websites. Most sites I built in Drupal, some in WordPress and some completely from scratch. I also handled updates, trouble shooting and teaching clients how to use their CMS. I also produced content, photography and text, for clients the requested it.

1998 – 2006
Las Vegas, USA

Creative Director, Live Show & TV Production

In Las Vegas I pursued big dreams of creating a major Las Vegas Show. I created many major plans and presentations (a couple along with a Japanese partner) and I became the Creative Director for an office my Japanese partner opened in Las Vegas. I met with and hobnobbed with many major players in the hotel & entertainment industry in both the live and TV industry. We also worked on a Mega-Resort planned development that was a joint project between a major Japanese Corporation and a US investment firm. Furthermore I helped plan (production coordinator) and produce Japanese TV shows that had filming sequences shot in Vegas and helped on productions with a local production company in Las Vegas.

1993 – 1998
Tokyo, Japan

Performer, Celebrity

I arrived in Japan in the early 90’s after traveling around the world a bit. Initially I was a busker but professional gigs came quickly and within a few years I was signed to performing agency as their main “talent”. I was the head-line entertainer for many of Japan’s major events such as the Landmark Tower in Yokohama, co-creator of one of the biggest street performing festivals in the world and guest starred with other famous entertainers such as Yoko Ono at an event in Fukuoka Dome with 50,000 people. After becoming a popular live entertainer I was also the guest on many Japanese National TV variety shows, was included in one of Japan’s most famous comedy troupes for two years and even was the co-host for a mini Japanese travel show sponsored by IBM.