Video Production

I offer full Turnkey video production services or Al-La-Cart services (producer, director, cameraman, post-production editing) for businesses within Japan and for foreign entities that wish to produce video in Japan or create content about Japan. Production experience includes having fully produced an Independent movie, co-produced TV shows for Japan, produced multiple pilot episodes (targeting the US market), many corporate videos and YouTube content. I have 15+ years experience producing video content from all aspects of video production and TV production from writer, producer, director and cameraman.

YouTube Content, Travel Videos, Event Videos, Corporate Video, Interviews, Cooking Videos. Whether your looking for a full production, small crew or even a single camera, I can handle your needs. Of course I handle post-production editing and launching as well. Contact me and let’s discuss your project.

Fixer, Production Coordinator

I have lived many years in Japan, speak Japanese and have travelled to virtually every part of Japan. If your looking for that perfect place to shoot or something interesting about Japan, I can help. I’ve also set up crews and equipment rentals… although depending on the length of your shoot it most likely is cheaper to pay for and bring your own equipment and crew rather than renting in Japan because rental costs are very high.


View my Photography Gallery. I have been professionally taking photography for over ten years. Most of my photography has been for content on websites including travel, landscapes, business situations, events, food, model shots, real estate, architecture and lifestyle.

Photography Offered

  • Business
  • Portrait
  • Real Estate
  • Architecture
  • Hotel
  • Event
  • Product
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Documentary

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not focused on the “Hard Sell”, that’s strait marketing. Content Marketing captivates and convinces an audience with it’s stories, entertainment and passion. Your brand’s Content Marketing can also inspire a crowd into action, whether they’re finding out more, sharing your story, joining your conversation or even helping to take it further by spreading it through Social Media. Content Marketing is a great way of generating genuine passion with your brand, product or service. It gives each and every viewer stories to share and things to get exciting about. It turns customers and potential customers into evangelists for you business. Some customers may even want to contribute to the content marketing program once you have it up and running. Ideas will come from everywhere! A good Content Marketing plan will naturally build recognition and favor for your brand.

Creative Concept Development

Although most clients come with project in mind, I do offer consulting on project viability and creative input as well. Furthermore I have worked as a Creative Director for many years and if your business is in need of some direction, creative input or even Concept Development I can help with that as well. Check out my Portfolio Page for a sample of some of my most major projects